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Energy Saving Glass for Windows & Doors

Does Energy Efficient Glass Improve Performance?

For the sometimes challenging environment of Northern West Virginia and Southeast Pennsylvania, The Window Source at Morgantown’s windows offers four-season comfort. You will probably use less energy with our energy saving glass windows, which not only keeps you comfortable but also helps you save money. 

With some glass packages, we can even go up to 48% above and beyond the ENERGY STAR® Version 6.0 criteria on some of our premier windows. 

To explain the rating system, here are the four standard ratings for windows as provided by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC):

  • U-Factor: A measurement for how quickly heat escapes from a window. Windows that perform better have a lower U-Factor and that helps minimize utility expenses.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): This measurement is the percentage of solar radiation allowed to flow through a window. A window that allows less solar heat gain and UV rays to penetrate will have a lower number.
  • Visible Light Transmittance (VT): This measures how much light enters a space through a window and ranges from 0 to 1. The more light that can travel through the glass, the higher the number.
  • Condensation Rating (CR) – The CR gauges a window’s ability to defend against condensation buildup on the interior surface. A rating between 1 and 100 is used to represent CR and the better a product can combat condensation, the higher the number.
Window requirements per region - The Window Source of Morgantown
Energy star requirements - The Window Source of Morgantown

Energy Efficient Glass Ratings

Energy Miser 2-IS.22.24.3853
Energy Miser
Energy Miser IS.26.26.5041
Energy Miser.30.27.5152
Clear (No LowE).49.59.6138

*Air Infiltration ratings are ≤ 0.3 US (≤ 1.5 Metric) or better for all Window Source Windows.

Energy Miser glass keeps you cooler in summer and warmer during the winter

energy saving image - The Window Source of Morgantown

Our Energy Miser Options are All UV Resistant

Unsafe UV rays can harm your home more than you might imagine. For instance, if you don’t protect your windows properly, expensive home furnishings, carpets, and drapes may fade or be damaged as a result of harmful UV rays.

Our UV-resistant windows can serve as your home’s sunscreen by limiting the amount of potentially dangerous ultraviolet radiation while still allowing a significant amount of light to flow into your home. The Low-E coating choices for our windows will dramatically reduce the fading and sun damage to your belongings. You’ll be able to save money well into the future if you use energy saving glass!

uv ray on windows - The Window Source of Morgantown
Clear insulated glass can block some UV rays
window bouncing uv rays to save energy - The Window Source of Morgantown
Low-E insulated glass can block the vast majority of UV rays

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